Tour Packages

Guest Houses
Holywell Guest House Loughborough
Holywell Guest House

Price Start: GBP 85

The Guest House At Shepshed Loughborough
The Guest House At Shepshed

Price Start: GBP 55

Guest House At Rempstone Loughborough
Guest House At Rempstone

Price Start: GBP 50

Paterson Guest House Loughborough
Paterson Guest House

Price Start: GBP 85

2 Star Hotels
Caravelli Guest House Loughborough
Caravelli Guest House

Price Start: GBP 60

Forest Rise Hotel Loughborough
Forest Rise Hotel

Price Start: GBP 40

Sutton Bonington Hall Hotel Loughborough
Sutton Bonington Hall Hotel

Price Start: GBP 40

Jaylets Motel Loughborough
Jaylets Motel

Price Start: GBP 25

3 Star Hotels
Quorn Grange Hotel Loughborough
Quorn Grange Hotel

Price Start: GBP 85

The Cedars Hotel Loughborough
The Cedars Hotel

Price Start: GBP 49

Premier Inn Loughborough Hotel Loughborough
Premier Inn Loughborough Hotel

Price Start: GBP 46

The Falcon Inn Hotel Loughborough
The Falcon Inn Hotel

Price Start: GBP 95

4 Star Hotels
Burleigh Court Hotel Loughborough
Burleigh Court Hotel

Price Start: GBP 101

Quorn Country Hotel Loughborough
Quorn Country Hotel

Price Start: GBP 85

The Manor House At Quorn Hotel Loughborough
The Manor House At Quorn Hotel

Price Start: GBP 120

The Royal Oak Hotel Loughborough
The Royal Oak Hotel

Price Start: GBP 102

Budget Hotels
The Peacock Inn Hotel Loughborough
The Peacock Inn Hotel

Price Start: GBP 50

Garendon Park Hotel Loughborough
Garendon Park Hotel

Price Start: GBP 60

The Hunting Lodge Loughborough
The Hunting Lodge

Price Start: GBP 75

Charnwood Lodge Loughborough
Charnwood Lodge

Price Start: GBP 70

Service Apartments
Vardy Service Apartment Loughborough
Vardy Service Apartment

Price Start: GBP 85

Old Boot Garden Cottage Loughborough
Old Boot Garden Cottage

Price Start: GBP 70